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Our mission is to equip and empower moms on the journey of educating their children from home.


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About R.M.O.H

As a single mom of 5, Real Moms of Homeschooling Founder, Lakeshia Williams began her homeschooling experience in 2014 after realizing that her children would have a healthier and more rewarding educational experience in a homeschool environment. Homeschooling gave her family the freedom needed to accommodate the lifestyle they wanted without being tied down to the school system. It also allowed Lakeshia the opportunity to provide her children with a more hands-on learning experience that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Our mission at Real Moms of Homeschooling is to equip and empower moms on the journey of educating their children from home.

We do not provide direct educational classes to students, however, we provide a comprehensive resource hub designed to offer encouragement, access to invaluable resources, and a supportive community for new homeschooling moms. We are excited to have you join our community, check out below what to look forward to.

Real Moms of Homeschooling Member Benefits:

  • Extended Homeschool Resource Directory to help you in the various stages of your journey
  • Apple Talk: A Monthly Discussion
  • Email support to answer your questions
  • Support, encouragement and the opportunity to develop real friendships with other homeschooling moms
  • In partnership with Real Moms in Business - Mompreneur Directory (share your business)

What Is Your Current Homeschooling Stage?


Are you wondering if your child is ready to be homeschooled? Or if you are ready to homeschool your child? Check out our video series that helps you gain clarity on how to move forward.



Build Your Homeschool with this self-paced workshop that will help you develop your homeschool goals, get completely set up from A to Z, and launch a successful homeschool with confidence in a stress-free way.

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The Real Moms of Homeschooling Membership has a collection of valuable homeschool tools, resources and one-on-one support to further assist you along your homeschool journey.

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