Real Moms of Homeschooling
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MEET LAKESHIA WILLIAMS - Founder & Homeschool Consultant


As a mom of 5, Lakeshia Williams began her homeschooling / multi-schooling experience in 2014 after realizing that her children would have a healthier and more rewarding educational experience based on her children’s individual needs.


Homeschooling gave her family the freedom she needed to accommodate the lifestyle she wanted as well as taking each of her children’s individual needs into account that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


When her oldest daughter graduated from high school, she ended the multi-schooling aspect of her homeschool journey. Lakeshia's remaining 4 children are 100% homeschooled.


As we know, homeschooling can change and so she has learned to be flexible with what her children’s and her needs are at any given time.

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